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Documents placed in this library are available for public viewing.
Public Utility UR Balancing (Excel).xlsxPublic Utility UR Balancing (Excel)Item is currently unrated.
ARTS CAD Mktg 4.2007.pdfARTS CAD Mktg 4.2007Marketing5/24/2007Current average rating is 5 stars.
ARTS Civil Process.pdfARTS Civil ProcessMarketing6/12/2007Item is currently unrated.
2022 1099 Instructions.pdf2022 1099 InstructionsForm 10991/12/2023Item is currently unrated.
2022 Balance Worksheet.xlsx2022 Balance WorksheetYear End9/29/2022Item is currently unrated.
2022 Customer Year End Closing.pdf2022 Customer Year End ClosingYear End9/29/2022Item is currently unrated.
Adding a New Fund.pdfAdding a New FundGeneral Information4/28/2009Item is currently unrated.
Budget Maintenance System Documentation.pdfBudget Maintenance System DocumentationBudget3/25/2020Item is currently unrated.
Clerk V06.03.00.00.pdfClerk V06.03.00.00Software Update9/10/2012Item is currently unrated.
Commissioner V06.01.00.00 - Reports.pdfCommissioner V06.01.00.00 - ReportsSoftware Update8/11/2009Item is currently unrated.
Departmental Budget Entry-Users.pdfDepartmental Budget Entry-UsersBudget4/25/2019Item is currently unrated.
Departmental Budgeting Documentation.pdfDepartmental Budgeting DocumentationBudget4/25/2019Item is currently unrated.
Departmental Claims.pdfDepartmental ClaimsDocumentation4/4/2017Item is currently unrated.
Excel Budget Worksheet Template.pdfExcel Budget Worksheet TemplateBudget2/17/2022Item is currently unrated.
Finance Release Notes 7.2.0.pdfFinance Release Notes 7.2.0Software Update5/19/2017Item is currently unrated.
Financial 7.5.0.pdfFinancial 7.5.0Software Update11/4/2021Item is currently unrated.
Financial 7.6.0.pdfFinancial 7.6.0Software Update1/19/2022Item is currently unrated.
Financial Balancing Tips.pdfFinancial Balancing TipsGeneral Information3/13/2020Item is currently unrated.
Financial FAQS.pdfFinancial FAQSGeneral Information3/20/2009Item is currently unrated.
Financial PTF 7.2.6.pdfFinancial PTF 7.2.6Documentation12/29/2017Current average rating is 5 stars.
Financial PTF 7.3.4-wOdyssey.pdfFinancial PTF 7.3.4-wOdysseySoftware Update7/29/2019Item is currently unrated.
Financial PTF 7.3.6.pdfFinancial PTF 7.3.6Software Update5/4/2020Current average rating is 5 stars.
Financial PTF 7.3.7.pdfFinancial PTF 7.3.7Software Update12/15/2020Item is currently unrated.
Financial PTF 7.4.1.pdfFinancial PTF 7.4.1Software Update5/11/2021Item is currently unrated.
Financial PTF 7.6.1.pdfFinancial PTF 7.6.1Software Update1/27/2022Item is currently unrated.
Financial PTF 7.8.2.pdfFinancial PTF 7.8.2Software Update1/9/2023Item is currently unrated.
Financial PTF 7.8.3.pdfFinancial PTF 7.8.3Software Update1/26/2023Item is currently unrated.
Financial Reporting Explanations.pdfFinancial Reporting ExplanationsReports10/30/2013Item is currently unrated.
FINANCIAL REVISION 6.4.pdfFINANCIAL REVISION 6.4Software Update12/22/2014Item is currently unrated.
Financial v7.3.0 Documentation.pdfFinancial v7.3.0 DocumentationDocumentation7/9/2018Item is currently unrated.
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