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Public Utility UR Balancing (Excel).xlsx Public Utility UR Balancing (Excel)
collapse Group : Local Government ‎(296)
collapse Product Name : Clerk's Financial ‎(42)
2022 1099 Instructions.pdf Clerk's Financial2022 1099 InstructionsForm 1099NoNo1/12/2023
2022 Balance Worksheet.xlsx Clerk's Financial2022 Balance WorksheetYear EndNoNo9/29/2022
2022 Customer Year End Closing.pdf Clerk's Financial2022 Customer Year End ClosingYear EndNoNo9/29/2022
Adding a New Fund.pdf Clerk's FinancialAdding a New FundGeneral Information4/28/2009
Budget Maintenance System Documentation.pdf Clerk's FinancialBudget Maintenance System DocumentationBudgetNoNo3/25/2020
Clerk V06.03.00.00.pdf Clerk's FinancialClerk V06.03.00.00Software Update9/10/2012
Commissioner V06.01.00.00 - Reports.pdf Clerk's FinancialCommissioner V06.01.00.00 - ReportsSoftware Update8/11/2009
Departmental Budget Entry-Users.pdf Clerk's FinancialDepartmental Budget Entry-UsersBudgetNoNo4/25/2019
Departmental Budgeting Documentation.pdf Clerk's FinancialDepartmental Budgeting DocumentationBudgetNoNo4/25/2019
Departmental Claims.pdf Clerk's FinancialDepartmental ClaimsDocumentationNoNo4/4/2017
Excel Budget Worksheet Template.pdf Clerk's FinancialExcel Budget Worksheet TemplateBudgetNoNo2/17/2022
Finance Release Notes 7.2.0.pdf Clerk's FinancialFinance Release Notes 7.2.0Software UpdateNoNo5/19/2017
Financial 7.5.0.pdf Clerk's FinancialFinancial 7.5.0Software UpdateNoNo11/4/2021
Financial 7.6.0.pdf Clerk's FinancialFinancial 7.6.0Software UpdateNoNo1/19/2022
Financial Balancing Tips.pdf Clerk's FinancialFinancial Balancing TipsGeneral InformationNoNo3/13/2020
Financial FAQS.pdf Clerk's FinancialFinancial FAQSGeneral Information3/20/2009
Financial PTF 7.2.6.pdf Clerk's FinancialFinancial PTF 7.2.6DocumentationNoNo12/29/2017
Financial PTF 7.3.4-wOdyssey.pdf Clerk's FinancialFinancial PTF 7.3.4-wOdysseySoftware UpdateNoNo7/29/2019
Financial PTF 7.3.6.pdf Clerk's FinancialFinancial PTF 7.3.6Software UpdateNoNo5/4/2020
Financial PTF 7.3.7.pdf Clerk's FinancialFinancial PTF 7.3.7Software UpdateNoNo12/15/2020
Financial PTF 7.4.1.pdf Clerk's FinancialFinancial PTF 7.4.1Software UpdateNoNo5/11/2021
Financial PTF 7.6.1.pdf Clerk's FinancialFinancial PTF 7.6.1Software UpdateNoNo1/27/2022
Financial PTF 7.8.2.pdf Clerk's FinancialFinancial PTF 7.8.2Software UpdateNoNo1/9/2023
Financial PTF 7.8.3.pdf Clerk's FinancialFinancial PTF 7.8.3Software UpdateNoNo1/26/2023
Financial Reporting Explanations.pdf Clerk's FinancialFinancial Reporting ExplanationsReports10/30/2013
FINANCIAL REVISION 6.4.pdf Clerk's FinancialFINANCIAL REVISION 6.4Software UpdateNoNo12/22/2014
Financial v7.3.0 Documentation.pdf Clerk's FinancialFinancial v7.3.0 DocumentationDocumentationNoNo7/9/2018
Financial v7.4.0 Documentation.pdf Clerk's FinancialFinancial v7.4.0 DocumentationDocumentationNoNo1/27/2021
Financial v7.7.0.pdf Clerk's FinancialFinancial v7.7.0Software UpdateNoNo5/26/2022
Financial v7.8.0.pdf Clerk's FinancialFinancial v7.8.0Software UpdateNoNo10/19/2022
Fixed Asset Depreciation Calculation.pdf Clerk's FinancialFixed Asset Depreciation CalculationDocumentation4/30/2013
Fixed Asset Management Program.pdf Clerk's FinancialFixed Asset Management ProgramDocumentationNoNo6/13/2018
Journal Entries Defined.pdf Clerk's FinancialJournal Entries DefinedDocumentationNoNo3/16/2021
Journal Entry Documentation.pdf Clerk's FinancialJournal Entry DocumentationDocumentationNoNo4/30/2018
KNOWLEDGE BASE_FINANCE.pdf Clerk's FinancialKNOWLEDGE BASE_FINANCEDocumentationNoNo5/8/2019
Levy Creation and Setup.pdf Clerk's FinancialLevy Creation and SetupDocumentationNoNo6/28/2018
Odyssey Documentation.pdf Clerk's FinancialOdyssey DocumentationDocumentationNoNo9/7/2018
Positive Pay.pdf Clerk's FinancialPositive PayDocumentation10/30/2013
Reclassifying an Expense to a Different Account within the Same Fund.pdf Clerk's FinancialReclassifying an Expense to a Different Account within the Same FundGeneral Information5/23/2012
Saving Report As PDF.pdf Clerk's FinancialSaving Report As PDFGeneral Information2/27/2008
Unclaimed Property.pdf Clerk's FinancialUnclaimed PropertyDocumentationNoNo5/9/2019
Vendor Attention Line Update.pdf Clerk's FinancialVendor Attention Line UpdateGeneral InformationYesNo2/16/2010
collapse Product Name : Imaging (Local Govt) ‎(5)
How to OCR a Document.pdf Imaging (Local Govt)How to OCR a DocumentDocumentationNoNo9/13/2017
Imaging Manual.pdf Imaging (Local Govt)Imaging ManualManualNoNo5/24/2019
Imaging Stand Alone System Documentation.pdf Imaging (Local Govt)Imaging Stand Alone System DocumentationDocumentationNoNo2/28/2019
ImagingV2Docs.pdf Imaging (Local Govt)ImagingV2DocsDocumentationNoNo9/13/2017
V 2.0 Summary.pdf Imaging (Local Govt)V 2.0 SummarySoftware Update3/20/2009
collapse Product Name : Indigent Tracking ‎(47)
Adding a Case File.pdf Indigent TrackingAdding a Case FileRequests4/7/2009
Adding an Applicant's Activity.pdf Indigent TrackingAdding an Applicant's ActivityRequests6/10/2009
Adding an Applicant's Denied Request.pdf Indigent TrackingAdding an Applicant's Denied RequestRequests6/9/2009
Adding Applicant Appointments.pdf Indigent TrackingAdding Applicant AppointmentsIntake4/7/2009
Cat Paid Unpaid.pdf Indigent TrackingCat Paid UnpaidDocumentationNoNo9/11/2018
CAT Paperless Instructions.pdf Indigent TrackingCAT Paperless InstructionsDocumentationYesYes3/12/2008
CAT Process.pdf Indigent TrackingCAT ProcessDocumentationNoNo5/18/2017
CAT-Changing CAT Amount.pdf Indigent TrackingCAT-Changing CAT AmountCAT7/21/2009
Changing Applicant Appointment.pdf Indigent TrackingChanging Applicant AppointmentIntake4/7/2009
CPT Import Instructions.pdf Indigent TrackingCPT Import InstructionsDocumentationNoNo6/25/2020
Create Statements.pdf Indigent TrackingCreate StatementsStatements4/1/2009
Deleting a Case File.pdf Indigent TrackingDeleting a Case FileRequests6/1/2009
Deleting an Applicant's Denied Request.pdf Indigent TrackingDeleting an Applicant's Denied RequestRequests6/10/2009
Deleting Applicant's Appointment.pdf Indigent TrackingDeleting Applicant's AppointmentIntake4/7/2009
Displaying a list of case files.pdf Indigent TrackingDisplaying a list of case filesRequests4/7/2009
Document Notes.pdf Indigent TrackingDocument NotesRequestsNoNo6/3/2009
Editing a Case File.pdf Indigent TrackingEditing a Case FileRequests4/13/2009
Editing an Applicant's Denied Request.pdf Indigent TrackingEditing an Applicant's Denied RequestRequests6/9/2009 Indigent TrackingFeeSchedule05012020CPT CodesNoNo6/25/2020
IN 7.2.1 Document.pdf Indigent TrackingIN 7.2.1 DocumentDocumentationNoNo6/2/2017
IN040 - Combined CAT Amount.pdf Indigent TrackingIN040 - Combined CAT AmountCAT11/19/2012
IN040 CAT Application.pdf Indigent TrackingIN040 CAT ApplicationCATNoNo10/8/2015
IN040 Combined CAT Application.pdf Indigent TrackingIN040 Combined CAT ApplicationCAT11/19/2012
IN049 Print Request - Combined Requests.pdf Indigent TrackingIN049 Print Request - Combined RequestsDocumentationNoNo9/15/2016
IN704 and IN704EX Report Instructions.pdf Indigent TrackingIN704 and IN704EX Report InstructionsDocumentationNoNo3/5/2019
Indigent Revision V6.3 Reports Doc.pdf Indigent TrackingIndigent Revision V6.3 Reports DocSoftware Update4/19/2013
Indigent Revision V6.3 User Checklist Doc.pdf Indigent TrackingIndigent Revision V6.3 User Checklist DocSoftware Update4/19/2013
Indigent Revision V6.3.pdf Indigent TrackingIndigent Revision V6.3Software UpdateNoNo4/19/2013
Indigent Revision V6.4.04.pdf Indigent TrackingIndigent Revision V6.4.04Software UpdateNoNo7/15/2014
Indigent Revision V6.4.pdf Indigent TrackingIndigent Revision V6.4Software UpdateNoNo7/23/2013
Indigent Statutes 09-22-2015.pdf Indigent TrackingIndigent Statutes 09-22-2015DocumentationNoNo9/24/2015
Indigent UG 2014 Discussion Topics.pdf Indigent TrackingIndigent UG 2014 Discussion TopicsGeneral InformationNoNo4/8/2014
Indigent V6.02.pdf Indigent TrackingIndigent V6.02Software UpdateYesYes10/18/2010
Indigent v7.2.2 PTF.pdf Indigent TrackingIndigent v7.2.2 PTFDocumentationNoNo12/18/2018
Indigent v7.3.0 Documentation.pdf Indigent TrackingIndigent v7.3.0 DocumentationSoftware UpdateNoNo7/29/2019
Intake Processing - Adding a Request.pdf Indigent TrackingIntake Processing - Adding a RequestIntake4/6/2009
Meeting Recap - 2012-03-17.pdf Indigent TrackingMeeting Recap - 2012-03-17Documentation3/7/2012
PCIP Meeting Notes.pdf Indigent TrackingPCIP Meeting NotesDocumentation12/4/2012
Printing Appointment History Report.pdf Indigent TrackingPrinting Appointment History ReportIntake4/7/2009
Reimbursement Payments Cat Paid Unpaid.pdf Indigent TrackingReimbursement Payments Cat Paid UnpaidCATNoNo11/16/2012
Searching a Case File.pdf Indigent TrackingSearching a Case FileRequests6/2/2009
Statement Control File.pdf Indigent TrackingStatement Control FileStatements4/1/2009
Updating Denied Codes.pdf Indigent TrackingUpdating Denied CodesDocumentation3/7/2012
User Group Issues 2012.pdf Indigent TrackingUser Group Issues 2012DocumentationNoNo4/12/2012
Viewing A List of Applicant's Denied Requests.pdf Indigent TrackingViewing A List of Applicant's Denied RequestsRequests6/9/2009
Viewing an Applicant's Activity Log.pdf Indigent TrackingViewing an Applicant's Activity LogRequests6/10/2009
Viewing Applicant's Appointment.pdf Indigent TrackingViewing Applicant's AppointmentIntake4/7/2009
collapse Product Name : Jury Management ‎(21)
Add a Panel.pdf Jury ManagementAdd a PanelDocumentationNoNo6/16/2015
CAI Jury Manual.pdf Jury ManagementCAI Jury ManualManualNoNo9/28/2020
Changing Mileage Reimbursement Rate.pdf Jury ManagementChanging Mileage Reimbursement RateDocumentation1/8/2013
Close Panel Process.pdf Jury ManagementClose Panel ProcessGeneral Information10/12/2011
Jury 6.1.pdf Jury ManagementJury 6.1Software UpdateNoNo4/28/2014
Jury 7.3.7 PTF Documentation.pdf Jury ManagementJury 7.3.7 PTF DocumentationSoftware UpdateNoNo6/29/2021
Jury Close Panel Process.pdf Jury ManagementJury Close Panel ProcessDocumentationNoNo6/18/2021
Jury Payments Attendance.pdf Jury ManagementJury Payments AttendanceGeneral Information4/6/2010
Jury PTF 7.3.3.pdf Jury ManagementJury PTF 7.3.3Software UpdateNoNo10/20/2020
Jury PTF 7.3.7.pdf Jury ManagementJury PTF 7.3.7Software UpdateNoNo5/3/2021
Jury PTF 7.3.8.pdf Jury ManagementJury PTF 7.3.8Software UpdateNoNo6/18/2021
Jury PTF 7.3.9.pdf Jury ManagementJury PTF 7.3.9Software UpdateNoNo3/17/2022
Jury Release Notes 7.2.pdf Jury ManagementJury Release Notes 7.2Software UpdateNoNo7/8/2016
Jury to Financial Import.pdf Jury ManagementJury to Financial ImportGeneral Information9/1/2012
JURY v7.3 Documentation.pdf Jury ManagementJURY v7.3 DocumentationSoftware UpdateNoNo3/25/2019
Jury v7.3.1 documenation.pdf Jury ManagementJury v7.3.1 documenationSoftware UpdateNoNo2/26/2020
Jury v7.3.5 documenation.pdf Jury ManagementJury v7.3.5 documenationSoftware UpdateNoNo10/26/2020
JY PTF 7.3.10.pdf Jury ManagementJY PTF 7.3.10Software UpdateNoNo12/5/2022
Update Voter Driver list to Master Source list.pdf Jury ManagementUpdate Voter Driver list to Master Source listDocumentationNoNo4/28/2014
Update Voter or Driver list to Master Source List.pdf Jury ManagementUpdate Voter or Driver list to Master Source ListDocumentationYesYes4/1/2009
collapse Product Name : Parcel Permit ‎(6)
Parcel Permit PTF v7.1.2.pdf Parcel PermitParcel Permit PTF v7.1.2Software UpdateNoNo3/22/2019
Parcel Permit Report Changes v06.02.pdf Parcel PermitParcel Permit Report Changes v06.02ReportsNoNo1/27/2015
Parcel Permit User Documentation v06 02.pdf Parcel PermitParcel Permit User Documentation v06 02Software UpdateNoNo1/26/2015
Permit V05.04.00.00 - Notes.pdf Parcel PermitPermit V05.04.00.00 - NotesSoftware Update3/20/2009
Permit V05.04.00.00 - Summary.pdf Parcel PermitPermit V05.04.00.00 - SummarySoftware Update3/20/2009
Rural Addressing v7.1.1 Documentation.pdf Parcel PermitRural Addressing v7.1.1 DocumentationSoftware UpdateNoNo2/7/2019
collapse Product Name : Payroll ‎(28)
2022 ACA Process Instructions.pdf Payroll2022 ACA Process InstructionsDocumentationNoNo2/10/2023
2022 Payroll W2 Instructions.pdf Payroll2022 Payroll W2 InstructionsYear EndNoNo12/28/2022
2022 Payroll Year End Checklist.pdf Payroll2022 Payroll Year End ChecklistYear EndNoNo12/27/2022
2023 Payroll Annual Setup.pdf Payroll2023 Payroll Annual SetupYear EndNoNo12/27/2022
ACA CorrectionsElectronic.pdf PayrollACA CorrectionsElectronicDocumentationNoNo6/21/2016
ACA CorrectionsPaper.pdf PayrollACA CorrectionsPaperDocumentationNoNo6/21/2016
ACA TCC Code Instructions.pdf PayrollACA TCC Code InstructionsDocumentationNoNo12/17/2015
Alt Date Range Setup Instructions.pdf PayrollAlt Date Range Setup InstructionsWeb PayrollNoNo1/18/2016
CAI Payroll Manual.pdf PayrollCAI Payroll ManualManualNoNo9/27/2021
EEO Reporting September 2021.pdf PayrollEEO Reporting September 2021DocumentationNoNo9/2/2021
Employee Portal.pdf PayrollEmployee PortalEmployee PortalNoNo8/19/2015
Payroll COBRA Documentation.pdf PayrollPayroll COBRA DocumentationGeneral InformationYesYes5/1/2009
Payroll PTF 8.2.3.pdf PayrollPayroll PTF 8.2.3DocumentationNoNo1/20/2021
Payroll PTF 8.2.5.pdf PayrollPayroll PTF 8.2.5DocumentationNoNo3/4/2021
Payroll PTF 8.2.6.pdf PayrollPayroll PTF 8.2.6Software UpdateNoNo11/3/2021
Payroll PTF 8.3.1.pdf PayrollPayroll PTF 8.3.1Software UpdateNoNo11/16/2022
Payroll PTF 8.3.3.pdf PayrollPayroll PTF 8.3.3Software UpdateNoNo11/16/2022
Payroll v8.1.0 update.pdf PayrollPayroll v8.1.0 updateSoftware UpdateNoNo7/28/2020
Payroll v8.2 update.pdf PayrollPayroll v8.2 updateDocumentationNoNo7/30/2020
Payroll V8.3.pdf PayrollPayroll V8.3Software UpdateNoNo1/17/2022
PERSI FIRST PAYROLL.pdf PayrollPERSI FIRST PAYROLLSoftware UpdateNoNo3/18/2014
PERSI IRIS.pdf PayrollPERSI IRISDocumentationNoNo4/11/2014
PY 7.2.0 Issue Listing.pdf PayrollPY 7.2.0 Issue ListingDocumentationNoNo12/18/2015
State of Idaho W4 form.pdf PayrollState of Idaho W4 formNot ApplicableNoNo9/9/2020
WebTime ClearingHouse 7.1.4.pdf PayrollWebTime ClearingHouse 7.1.4DocumentationNoNo8/19/2015
WebTime Configuration.pdf PayrollWebTime ConfigurationWeb PayrollNoNo5/10/2022
WebTime FAQ.pdf PayrollWebTime FAQDocumentationNoNo8/21/2015
WebTimePortal.pdf PayrollWebTimePortalDocumentationNoNo8/19/2015
collapse Product Name : Property & Tax Management ‎(102)
2021Legislative changes_summary.pdf Property & Tax Management2021Legislative changes_summaryGeneral InformationNoNo5/24/2021
Abstracts.pdf Property & Tax ManagementAbstractsDocumentationNoNo9/17/2018
Address - Suffix and Unit Abbreviations.pdf Property & Tax ManagementAddress - Suffix and Unit AbbreviationsDocumentationNoYes4/17/2012
Address Verification File.pdf Property & Tax ManagementAddress Verification FileFile LayoutNoNo8/19/2018
Address Verification.pdf Property & Tax ManagementAddress VerificationDocumentationNoNo5/14/2019
Apex Sketch Integration.pdf Property & Tax ManagementApex Sketch IntegrationDocumentation11/3/2009
Assessment Corrections.pdf Property & Tax ManagementAssessment CorrectionsDocumentationNoNo7/1/2018
Assessment Notice - 1 Master.pdf Property & Tax ManagementAssessment Notice - 1 MasterFile LayoutNoNo8/19/2018
Assessment Notice - 2 Value.pdf Property & Tax ManagementAssessment Notice - 2 ValueFile LayoutNoNo8/19/2018
Assessment Notice - 3 District.pdf Property & Tax ManagementAssessment Notice - 3 DistrictFile LayoutNoNo8/19/2018
Assessment Notices.pdf Property & Tax ManagementAssessment NoticesDocumentationNoNo5/25/2011
Assessment Roll Closeout - Tips.pdf Property & Tax ManagementAssessment Roll Closeout - TipsDocumentationYesYes5/20/2009
Assessment Roll Closeout.pdf Property & Tax ManagementAssessment Roll CloseoutDocumentationNoNo5/11/2018
Bankruptcy Tracking.pdf Property & Tax ManagementBankruptcy TrackingDocumentationNoNo4/6/2018
Circuit Breaker.pdf Property & Tax ManagementCircuit BreakerDocumentationNoNo5/16/2019
Code Area Listing Reports.pdf Property & Tax ManagementCode Area Listing ReportsDocumentation3/3/2008
Compliance Reports.pdf Property & Tax ManagementCompliance ReportsDocumentation7/11/2008
Copy Processing.pdf Property & Tax ManagementCopy ProcessingDocumentationNoNo6/15/2015
Exception Reports.pdf Property & Tax ManagementException ReportsDocumentationNoNo5/16/2016
Fee in Lieu of Taxes (FILT).pdf Property & Tax ManagementFee in Lieu of Taxes (FILT)DocumentationNoNo4/16/2014
File Transfers.pdf Property & Tax ManagementFile TransfersDocumentation5/25/2011
Forest Protection Certification Charge.pdf Property & Tax ManagementForest Protection Certification ChargeFile LayoutNoNo8/19/2018
Forest Protection Change Log.pdf Property & Tax ManagementForest Protection Change LogFile LayoutNoNo8/19/2018
Forest Protection.pdf Property & Tax ManagementForest ProtectionDocumentation9/30/2008
Highest Taxpayers Listing.pdf Property & Tax ManagementHighest Taxpayers ListingDocumentation9/10/2008
Homeowner's Exemption - Tips.pdf Property & Tax ManagementHomeowner's Exemption - TipsDocumentation12/4/2008
Homeowner's Exemption (HOE).pdf Property & Tax ManagementHomeowner's Exemption (HOE)Documentation7/7/2008
Images.pdf Property & Tax ManagementImagesDocumentation11/3/2009
Informational Messages - Tips.pdf Property & Tax ManagementInformational Messages - TipsDocumentation6/18/2009
Land Base Costs.pdf Property & Tax ManagementLand Base CostsDocumentation5/11/2009
Land Groups.pdf Property & Tax ManagementLand GroupsDocumentation3/28/2008
Land Records.pdf Property & Tax ManagementLand RecordsDocumentation7/2/2008
List Properties by Owner.pdf Property & Tax ManagementList Properties by OwnerDocumentation3/4/2008
Manufactured Homes.pdf Property & Tax ManagementManufactured HomesDocumentationNoNo4/6/2018
New Construction Roll 2010 Legislative Changes.pdf Property & Tax ManagementNew Construction Roll 2010 Legislative ChangesDocumentation5/31/2010
New Construction Roll.pdf Property & Tax ManagementNew Construction RollDocumentation6/2/2010
Occupancy Roll.pdf Property & Tax ManagementOccupancy RollDocumentation9/11/2008
Parcel Exemptions.pdf Property & Tax ManagementParcel ExemptionsDocumentationNoNo1/27/2023
Personal Property Checklists.pdf Property & Tax ManagementPersonal Property ChecklistsChecklistYesYes5/13/2014
Personal Property Declarations.pdf Property & Tax ManagementPersonal Property DeclarationsDocumentationYesYes1/20/2017
Personal Property.pdf Property & Tax ManagementPersonal PropertyDocumentationNoNo4/25/2019
Printing Reports and Labels.pdf Property & Tax ManagementPrinting Reports and LabelsDocumentation3/12/2008
Property - GIS.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty - GISFile LayoutNoNo8/19/2018
Property - Public.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty - PublicFile LayoutNoNo8/19/2018
Property V05.04.00.05 Summary.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V05.04.00.05 SummarySoftware UpdateYesNo3/31/2008
Property V05.04.00.05.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V05.04.00.05Software UpdateYesNo3/31/2008
Property V06.00.00.05.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V06.00.00.05Software UpdateYesNo9/30/2008
Property V06.00.00.11.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V06.00.00.11Software UpdateYesNo12/29/2008
Property V06.00.00.12.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V06.00.00.12Software UpdateYesNo3/16/2009
Property V06.01.00.01.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V06.01.00.01Software UpdateYesNo4/16/2009
Property V06.01.00.03.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V06.01.00.03Software UpdateYesNo5/20/2009
Property V06.01.00.05.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V06.01.00.05Software UpdateYesNo6/25/2009
Property V06.01.00.06.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V06.01.00.06Software UpdateYesNo8/31/2009
Property V06.03.00.00.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V06.03.00.00Software UpdateYesNo1/27/2010
Property V06.04.00.00.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V06.04.00.00Software UpdateYesNo4/8/2010
Property V06.04.00.05.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V06.04.00.05Software UpdateYesNo7/6/2010
Property V06.05.00.00.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V06.05.00.00Software UpdateYesNo10/21/2010
Property V06.05.00.03.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V06.05.00.03Software UpdateYesNo12/13/2010
Property V06.06.00.00.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V06.06.00.00Software UpdateYesNo1/31/2011
Property V06.06.00.02.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V06.06.00.02Software UpdateYesNo3/11/2011
Property V06.06.00.04.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V06.06.00.04Software UpdateYesNo7/12/2011
Property V06.06.00.06.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V06.06.00.06Software UpdateYesNo9/27/2011
Property V06.06.00.11.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V06.06.00.11Software UpdateYesNo3/19/2012
Property V06.07.00.00.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V06.07.00.00Software UpdateYesNo5/4/2012
Property V06.07.00.03.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V06.07.00.03Software UpdateYesNo6/18/2012
Property V06.07.00.04.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V06.07.00.04Software UpdateYesNo7/20/2012
Property V06.08.00.02.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V06.08.00.02Software UpdateYesNo10/22/2012
Property V06.08.00.03.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V06.08.00.03Software UpdateYesNo11/14/2012
Property V07.02.00.00.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V07.02.00.00Software UpdateNoNo4/6/2018
Property V07.03.00.00.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V07.03.00.00Software UpdateNoNo8/27/2018
Property V07.04.00.00.pdf Property & Tax ManagementProperty V07.04.00.00Software UpdateNoNo3/11/2019
Public Utilities -Oct.2014.pdf Property & Tax ManagementPublic Utilities -Oct.2014DocumentationYesNo11/4/2014
Public Utilities.pdf Property & Tax ManagementPublic UtilitiesDocumentationNoNo10/1/2015
Public Utility UR Balancing (non-Excel).ods Property & Tax ManagementPublic Utility UR Balancing (non-Excel)TemplateYesYes10/13/2010
Real Parcels and Their Relatives.pdf Property & Tax ManagementReal Parcels and Their RelativesDocumentation1/2/2013
State Category Code Tables.pdf Property & Tax ManagementState Category Code TablesDocumentation3/18/2009
Tax Bank Codes.pdf Property & Tax ManagementTax Bank CodesFile LayoutNoNo8/19/2018
Tax Bill Print - 1 Summary.pdf Property & Tax ManagementTax Bill Print - 1 SummaryFile LayoutNoNo8/19/2018
Tax Bill Print - 2 Detail.pdf Property & Tax ManagementTax Bill Print - 2 DetailFile LayoutNoNo8/19/2018
Tax Bill Print - 3 Savings.pdf Property & Tax ManagementTax Bill Print - 3 SavingsFile LayoutNoNo9/22/2020
Tax Bill Reprint.pdf Property & Tax ManagementTax Bill ReprintDocumentation11/15/2009
Tax Bills - Outsource Printing.pdf Property & Tax ManagementTax Bills - Outsource PrintingDocumentation10/9/2008
Tax Cancellation.pdf Property & Tax ManagementTax CancellationDocumentation10/27/2008
Tax Certification.pdf Property & Tax ManagementTax CertificationDocumentationNoNo9/24/2021
Tax Charge Preparation.pdf Property & Tax ManagementTax Charge PreparationDocumentation10/24/2012
Tax Charge Processing.pdf Property & Tax ManagementTax Charge ProcessingDocumentationNoNo10/26/2020
Tax Code Areas and Districts.pdf Property & Tax ManagementTax Code Areas and DistrictsDocumentation10/24/2011
Tax Collection - 1 Summary.pdf Property & Tax ManagementTax Collection - 1 SummaryFile LayoutNoNo8/19/2018
Tax Collection - 2 Detail.pdf Property & Tax ManagementTax Collection - 2 DetailFile LayoutNoNo8/19/2018
Tax Deed Process.pdf Property & Tax ManagementTax Deed ProcessDocumentationNoNo4/6/2018
Tax Information.pdf Property & Tax ManagementTax InformationFile LayoutNoNo8/19/2018
Tax Late Charge.pdf Property & Tax ManagementTax Late ChargeDocumentation6/21/2010
Tax Master.pdf Property & Tax ManagementTax MasterDocumentation2/26/2008
Tax Packet Details - Tips.pdf Property & Tax ManagementTax Packet Details - TipsDocumentation11/26/2008
Tax Packets.pdf Property & Tax ManagementTax PacketsDocumentation10/27/2008
Tax Payment Processing.pdf Property & Tax ManagementTax Payment ProcessingDocumentation3/19/2008
Tax Payments - Bank.pdf Property & Tax ManagementTax Payments - BankFile LayoutNoNo8/19/2018
Tax Payments - Vendor.pdf Property & Tax ManagementTax Payments - VendorFile LayoutNoNo8/19/2018
Tax Unpaid.pdf Property & Tax ManagementTax UnpaidFile LayoutNoNo8/19/2018
Tax Year Closeout.pdf Property & Tax ManagementTax Year CloseoutDocumentationNoNo4/6/2018
Time Tables.pdf Property & Tax ManagementTime TablesDocumentation5/28/2008
Value Modifiers.pdf Property & Tax ManagementValue ModifiersDocumentation6/30/2008
collapse Product Name : Recording ‎(35)
CAI Recording Manual.pdf RecordingCAI Recording ManualManualNoNo2/18/2020
EFT Process - IRS Letter Regarding.pdf RecordingEFT Process - IRS Letter RegardingDocumentationYesYes12/17/2009
Image and Index Import.pdf RecordingImage and Index ImportDocumentationNoNo5/17/2016
Knowledge Base Recording.pdf RecordingKnowledge Base RecordingGeneral InformationNoNo3/16/2018
LIENS.pdf RecordingLIENSDocumentationNoNo4/2/2018
Marriage License Changes.pdf RecordingMarriage License ChangesSoftware UpdateNoNo5/22/2014
Passport documentation-v2.pdf RecordingPassport documentation-v2DocumentationNoNo6/19/2019
Passport Survey 10_30_17.pdf RecordingPassport Survey 10_30_17Not ApplicableNoNo10/30/2017
RC115 - Liquor Beer Wine by Drink.pdf RecordingRC115 - Liquor Beer Wine by DrinkReportsYesYes3/20/2009
Recording Control Quick Tutorial.pdf RecordingRecording Control Quick TutorialDocumentationNoNo4/2/2018
Recording Fee Changes.pdf RecordingRecording Fee ChangesDocumentationNoNo5/17/2017
Recording Image Export Process.pdf RecordingRecording Image Export ProcessDocumentationNoNo4/2/2018
Recording Marriage License-PTF V6.3.3.pdf RecordingRecording Marriage License-PTF V6.3.3Software UpdateNoNo11/4/2014
Recording Passport v7.3.0.pdf RecordingRecording Passport v7.3.0DocumentationNoNo2/13/2018
Recording PTF 6.2.3.pdf RecordingRecording PTF 6.2.3Software UpdateYesYes7/30/2013
Recording PTF 7.3.1.pdf RecordingRecording PTF 7.3.1Software UpdateNoNo1/2/2019
Recording PTF 7.4.1.pdf RecordingRecording PTF 7.4.1DocumentationNoNo2/23/2021
Recording PTF 7.5.1.pdf RecordingRecording PTF 7.5.1Software UpdateNoNo4/26/2022
Recording Quick Tutorial.pdf RecordingRecording Quick TutorialDocumentationNoNo4/2/2018
Recording Release  v7.2.0.pdf RecordingRecording Release v7.2.0Software UpdateNoNo10/17/2017
Recording Release Notes 7.2.pdf RecordingRecording Release Notes 7.2DocumentationNoNo7/20/2016
Recording Update V6.3.pdf RecordingRecording Update V6.3Software UpdateYesYes10/5/2014
Recording V05.05.00.00 - Detail.pdf RecordingRecording V05.05.00.00 - DetailSoftware UpdateYesYes3/20/2009
Recording V05.05.00.00 - Summary.pdf RecordingRecording V05.05.00.00 - SummarySoftware UpdateYesYes3/20/2009
Recording V06.01.00.00.pdf RecordingRecording V06.01.00.00Software UpdateYesYes5/21/2010
Recording V06.01.00.03.pdf RecordingRecording V06.01.00.03Software UpdateYesYes8/16/2010
Recording v7.3.0.pdf RecordingRecording v7.3.0Software UpdateNoNo8/23/2018
Recording v7.4.0.pdf RecordingRecording v7.4.0DocumentationNoNo12/14/2020
Recording v7.5.0.pdf RecordingRecording v7.5.0DocumentationNoNo11/1/2021
Recording_Change Passport Fees instructions.pdf RecordingRecording_Change Passport Fees instructionsSoftware UpdateNoNo1/25/2019
Recording_Passport 7.3.3 udpated reports.pdf RecordingRecording_Passport 7.3.3 udpated reportsSoftware UpdateNoNo1/25/2019
Revenue Report RC003.pdf RecordingRevenue Report RC003ReportsNoNo4/7/2008
Setup Export Images from Recording.pdf RecordingSetup Export Images from RecordingDocumentationNoNo4/2/2018
Simplifile - Change Fee Amount.pdf RecordingSimplifile - Change Fee AmountDocumentation7/6/2010
Web Recording Flyer.pdf RecordingWeb Recording FlyerGeneral Information9/3/2013
collapse Product Name : Security ‎(1)
Security v7.2 Version end user documentation.pdf SecuritySecurity v7.2 Version end user documentationDocumentationNoNo8/10/2020
collapse Product Name : Treasurer's Financial ‎(9)
Bank Reconciliation.pdf Treasurer's FinancialBank ReconciliationDocumentation3/20/2009
Financial PTF 7.2.6 Treasurer Reports update.pdf Treasurer's FinancialFinancial PTF 7.2.6 Treasurer Reports updateDocumentationNoNo12/28/2017
KnowledgeBaseFiles_Article ID-TRE117.pdf Treasurer's FinancialKnowledgeBaseFiles_Article ID-TRE117Knowldedge BaseNoNo8/14/2018
New Partial Pay instructions.pdf Treasurer's FinancialNew Partial Pay instructionsDocumentationNoNo11/7/2017
Treasurer Sample Reports.pdf Treasurer's FinancialTreasurer Sample ReportsGeneral InformationNoNo4/10/2018
Treasurer V06.01.00.00 - Reports.pdf Treasurer's FinancialTreasurer V06.01.00.00 - ReportsSoftware Update8/11/2009
Treasurer V06.01.00.00.pdf Treasurer's FinancialTreasurer V06.01.00.00Software UpdateYesYes8/10/2009
Treasurer V06.02.00.00.pdf Treasurer's FinancialTreasurer V06.02.00.00Software Update3/2/2010
Treasurer's Manual.pdf Treasurer's FinancialTreasurer's ManualManualNoNo5/1/2020
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collapse Product Name : Not Applicable ‎(9)
April 2014 CAI Newsletter.pdf Not ApplicableApril 2014 CAI NewsletterGeneral InformationNoNo4/4/2014
AS400SystemSave.pdf Not ApplicableAS400SystemSaveNot ApplicableNoYes1/2/2013
CAI - 224x79.bmp Not ApplicableCAI - 224x79Not ApplicableNoNo7/28/2014
CAI Contract Overview.pdf Not ApplicableCAI Contract OverviewNot ApplicableNoYes1/2/2013
CAI support protocol.pdf Not ApplicableCAI support protocolNot ApplicableNoYes1/2/2013
CAIEmploymentApplication.pdf Not ApplicableCAIEmploymentApplicationNot ApplicableNoYes1/2/2013
Help Desk SOP.pdf Not ApplicableHelp Desk SOPNot ApplicableNoYes1/2/2013
Proposed_Det_Approval.pdf Not ApplicableProposed_Det_ApprovalNot ApplicableNoYes1/2/2013
SW Idaho Wednesday.xlsx Not ApplicableSW Idaho WednesdayNot ApplicableNoYes5/17/2019
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collapse Product Name : Civil Processing ‎(1)
ARTS Civil Process.pdf Civil ProcessingARTS Civil ProcessMarketing6/12/2007
collapse Product Name : Computer Aided Dispatch ‎(1)
ARTS CAD Mktg 4.2007.pdf Computer Aided DispatchARTS CAD Mktg 4.2007Marketing5/24/2007
collapse Product Name : Imaging (Public Safety) ‎(1)
ARTS Imaging module.pdf Imaging (Public Safety)ARTS Imaging moduleMarketing6/8/2007
collapse Product Name : Jail Management Systems ‎(1)
ARTS Jail module.pdf Jail Management SystemsARTS Jail moduleMarketing6/8/2007
collapse Product Name : Records Management System ‎(2)
ARTS RMS Module.pdf Records Management SystemARTS RMS ModuleMarketing5/24/2007
Incident and Case Mgmt.pdf Records Management SystemIncident and Case MgmtMarketing5/24/2007