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Documents placed in this library are available for public viewing.
2021 ACA Process Instructions.pdf 2021 ACA Process InstructionsDocumentation1/18/2022NoNoClarissa ParkerNo presence information
2021 Payroll W2 Instructions.pdf 2021 Payroll W2 InstructionsDocumentation1/18/2022NoNoClarissa ParkerNo presence information
2021 Payroll Year End Checklist.pdf 2021 Payroll Year End ChecklistDocumentation12/20/2021NoNoClarissa ParkerNo presence information
2022 Payroll Annual Setup.pdf 2022 Payroll Annual SetupDocumentation12/17/2021NoNoClarissa ParkerNo presence information
2022 Update Federal Tax Tables.pdf 2022 Update Federal Tax TablesDocumentation1/5/2022NoNoClarissa ParkerNo presence information
ACA CorrectionsElectronic.pdf ACA CorrectionsElectronicDocumentation6/21/2016NoNoKathy JoplinNo presence information
ACA CorrectionsPaper.pdf ACA CorrectionsPaperDocumentation6/21/2016NoNoKathy JoplinNo presence information
ACA Process instructions.pdf ACA Process instructionsDocumentation2/16/2018YesYesCAINET\thoskinson
ACA TCC Code Instructions.pdf ACA TCC Code InstructionsDocumentation12/17/2015NoNoKathy JoplinNo presence information
Alt Date Range Setup Instructions.pdf Alt Date Range Setup InstructionsWeb Payroll1/18/2016NoNoKathy JoplinNo presence information
CAI Payroll Manual.pdf CAI Payroll ManualManual9/27/2021NoNoClarissa ParkerNo presence information
EEO Reporting September 2021.pdf EEO Reporting September 2021Documentation9/2/2021NoNoKurt HarveyNo presence information
Employee Portal.pdf Employee PortalEmployee Portal8/19/2015NoNoLeah DeSantisNo presence information
New 2020 Payroll W2 Instructions.pdf New 2020 Payroll W2 InstructionsDocumentation1/20/2021NoNoKathy JoplinNo presence information
Payroll COBRA Documentation.pdf Payroll COBRA DocumentationGeneral Information5/1/2009YesYesClarissa ParkerNo presence information
Payroll PTF 8.2.3.pdf Payroll PTF 8.2.3Documentation1/20/2021NoNoKathy JoplinNo presence information
Payroll PTF 8.2.5.pdf Payroll PTF 8.2.5Documentation3/4/2021NoNoKathy JoplinNo presence information
Payroll PTF 8.2.6.pdf Payroll PTF 8.2.6Software Update11/3/2021NoNoClarissa ParkerNo presence information
Payroll PTF 8.3.1.pdf Payroll PTF 8.3.1Documentation6/27/2022NoNoClarissa ParkerNo presence information
Payroll v8.1.0 update.pdf Payroll v8.1.0 updateSoftware Update7/28/2020NoNoShane HarrisNo presence information
Payroll v8.2 update.pdf Payroll v8.2 updateDocumentation7/30/2020NoNoKathy JoplinNo presence information
Payroll V8.3.pdf Payroll V8.3Software Update1/17/2022NoNoClarissa ParkerNo presence information
PERSI FIRST PAYROLL.pdf PERSI FIRST PAYROLLSoftware Update3/18/2014NoNoClarissa ParkerNo presence information
PERSI IRIS.pdf PERSI IRISDocumentation4/11/2014NoNoClarissa ParkerNo presence information
PY 7.2.0 Issue Listing.pdf PY 7.2.0 Issue ListingDocumentation12/18/2015NoNoKathy JoplinNo presence information
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